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Gene description

CD36 molecule (thrombospondin receptor)

RNA expression

Transcript detected at medium/high levels in a subset of cell lines

Protein expression

Protein detected at medium/high levels in a subset of cell lines

Protein class

Cancer-related genes, CD markers, Disease related genes, Plasma proteins, Potential drug targets, Predicted membrane proteins, Transporters


RNA Protein
RNA Expression (FPKM)

Cell line

Cell line summary

Antibody staining (score)



myeloid cell lines
HEL Erythroleukemia cell line
HL-60 Acute promyelocytic leukemia cell line
HMC-1 Mast cell leukemia cell line
K-562 Chronic myeloid leukemia cell line
NB-4 Acute promyelocytic leukemia cell line
THP-1 Acute monocytic leukemia cell line
U-937 Monocytic lymphoma cell line
lymphoid cell lines
Daudi Human Burkitt lymphoma cell line
HDLM-2 Hodgkin lymphoma cell line
Karpas-707 Multiple myeloma cell line
N/A LP-1 Multiple myeloma cell line
MOLT-4 Acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line
REH Pre-B cell leukemia cell line
RPMI-8226 Multiple myeloma cell line
U-266/70 Multiple myeloma cell line
U-266/84 Multiple myeloma cell line
U-698 B-cell lymphoma cell line
brain cell lines
SH-SY5Y Metastatic neuroblastoma cell line
U-138 MG Glioblastoma cell line
U-251 MG Glioblastoma cell line
U-87 MG Glioblastoma, astrocytoma cell line
lung cell lines
A549 Lung carcinoma cell line
SCLC-21H Small cell lung carcinoma cell line
abdominal cell lines
CACO-2 Colon adenocarcinoma cell line N/A
CAPAN-2 Pancreas adenocarcinoma cell line
Hep G2 Hepatocellular carcinoma cell line
breast, female reproductive system cell lines
AN3-CA Endometrial adenocarcinoma cell line
EFO-21 Ovarian cystadenocarcinoma cell line
HeLa Cervical epithelial adenocarcinoma cell line
MCF7 Metastatic breast adenocarcinoma cell line
SiHa Cervical squamous carcinoma cell line
SK-BR-3 Metastatic breast adenocarcinoma cell line N/A
urinary, male reproductive system cell lines
NTERA-2 Embryonal carcinoma cell line
PC-3 Prostate adenocarcinoma cell line
RT4 Urinary bladder transitional cell carcinoma cell line
skin cell lines
A-431 Epidermoid carcinoma cell line
HaCaT Keratinocyte cell line
SK-MEL-30 Metastatic malignant melanoma cell line
WM-115 Malignant melanoma cell line
sarcoma cell lines
RH-30 Metastatic rhabdomyosarcoma cell line
U-2 OS Osteosarcoma cell line
U-2197 Malignant fibrous histiocytoma cell line
miscellaneous cell lines
BEWO Metastatic choriocarcinoma cell line
HEK 293 Embryonal kidney cell line
N/A HTh 83 Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma cell line
TIME Telomerase-immortalized microvascular endothelial cells
Patient cells
patient cells - leukemia
N/A Leukemia, AML Acute myeloid leukemia
N/A Leukemia, B-ALL Acute B Lymphoblastic leukemia
N/A Leukemia, T-ALL T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
N/A Leukemia, CML Chronic myeloid leukemia
N/A Leukemia, B-CLL B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia
patient cells - PBMC
N/A PBMC Peripheral blood mononuclear cells from healthy blood donors