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The "Human Proteome" chapters provide a knowledge-based analysis and entry into the Human Protein Atlas from different defined transections of the human tissue proteome. Various human proteomes can be explored such as the housekeeping proteome including proteins expressed in all tissue types, the tissue specific proteome including all proteins that show enriched expression in only one or few tissue types, or as proteomes related to certain features, such as the druggable proteome including all proteins that are targeted by drugs, the cancer proteome including proteins implicated in cancer, and the secretome including all proteins that are secreted. The human proteome can further be explored based on the expression pattern in different organ systems and tissue types, to define the "Organ Proteomes" that describe proteins expressed in diverse cell types that signify different organ structures and functions. Each separate chapter includes a basic description of a defined proteome and includes analyses of expression patterns, gene lists, and examples of protein expression on a cellular level.


Explore the various proteomes

The various proteomes can be explored in this interactive database including numerous catalogues of protein-coding genes with detailed information regarding expression and localization of the corresponding proteins.

The tissue
specific proteome

The housekeeping

The regulatory

The secretome and
membrane proteome

The isoform proteome

The cancer proteome

The druggable proteome


Explore the proteomes of specific tissues and organs

The expression all protein-coding genes in all major tissues and organs in the human body can be explored in this interactive database, including numerous catalogues of proteins expressed in a tissue-restricted manner.