The cell atlas contains information regarding the expression profiles of human genes both on the mRNA and protein level in a diverse panel of cell lines. Protein data is also available for 10 leukemia blood cell samples representing different types of leukemia and 2 samples of PBMC. The mRNA expression data is derived from deep sequencing of RNA (RNA-Seq), and protein expression is available as quantified immunohistochemical positivity in cells and cell lines assembled in a microarray format. Altogether there is transcript data for 44 cell lines, while protein data is available for 22% of all protein-coding genes in 46 cell lines and generated
with the use of 5436 well validated antibodies. All underlying images of immunohistochemically stained cells and cell lines are displayed in the cell atlas.

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Example proteins in the cell line atlas:
Transcript and protein detected at same medium/high levels in almost all cell lines.
Trefoil factor 1.
Transcript and protein detected at same medium/high levels in three cell lines.
Keratin 19.
Transcript and protein detected at medium/high levels in primarily epithelial cell lines. Protein data available for two separate antibodies


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The Human Protein Atlas project is funded
by the Knut & Alice Wallenberg foundation.